Timone Rathbourn


Cold, Calculating and withdrawn.
He has a razor sharp Mind as well as Blade.

They say that he is ancient. He certainly does not partake in the Kindred intrigues of the day. But if some say his steady hand can be felt, guiding other fortunes unseen.


A story the Harpies like to tell is of the incident of Millennium Eve. A new Gangrel had entered the city to present himself to the Prince and ran a foul Timone on his way to the Princes yearly Gathering.
In this Manse and personal Domain of the Prince: Timone would do nothing out of respect. While the slight was minor and the details lost now, at the time it was all the talk of the evening. Just prior to the Neonates presentation to the Prince, Timone sought leave from the Prince to settle the dispute so that he could enter the city unfettered from grievenace. Alistor gave an almost imperceptible nod to the Elder. As Timone called out " Turn and face me WHELP" the young Gangrel called upon his blood to produce tooth and claw. The Harpys say he did not even have time to see his error in judgement. When Timone saw the Claws he moved with the speed of the wind. To most it was blur of action as he moved towards the young one. All were amazed as the Elder appeared behind the neonate with his back to him, wiping blood from a glinting blade before re-sheathing it.
As Timone turned to bow to the Prince, a great gust of wind burst open the windows in the grand hall and rolled the head of the Gangrel slowly back to fall to the floor. His body slumped to its knees before crumbling forward. By the time anyone realized what had just happened, Timone was gone and Alistor was signaling for the music to resume.
High Collars were all the rage at the Princes New Years Eve Party the next year.

Timone Rathbourn

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