Stephan Smith

Council member - Nosferatu


A tall figuer of six and a half feet tall. He always is dressed in a woolen trench coat, worn and tattered. It has a great hood which is usually up. His head and face almost always fall in the shadow of the hood. When his face does emerge all that is seen is a white White mask with rivers of blood streaming down the face.
He has come be be known as Kabuki by those who do not traffic with him. Use of that name does not seem to affect him.


Like many in his Clan, Kabuki’s past is shrouded and lost. None know when he came to Gotham and certainly no one would ask.
He does not take part in casual conversation preferring to LOOM quietly nearby.
It is know that he has great allegiance to the prince and The Harpys sing that he is Alistors greatest confidant.
If that is so then the Prince is truly to be feared for Kabuki has assembled a great information network.
Nothing goes unseen by his clan for long.

Stephan Smith

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